Snowflake Designs

Success soon followed and the Snows moved into a 1,700 square foot leased building.  But with sales topping $1 million annually and 32 employees, the time to own their own building had come.  The opportunity to purchase a 7,100 square foot facility presented itself but when LaDonna and Rick presented their cash flow to conventional lenders they weren’t impressed.  Cen Cal showed them how their yearly increases in sales and profits would help Snowflake Designs qualify for an SBA program loan that offered a lower down payment and interest rate than going through a bank.

Now, since moving into their new building, Snowflake Designs has doubled their business without worrying about escalating rent or needing more space.  And in 2005 they were named Business Of The Year by the Clovis Chamber of Commerce.  Thanks to Cen Cal, Rick and LaDonna Snow are dressed for success.

Turning rags into riches.
“Cen Cal was fast, precise and made the stressful process of buying our first corporate building easier.”
LaDonna Snow; Snowflake Designs
Like some of the world’s most successful endeavors, Snowflake Designs started in a garage.  But, unlike a computer company or rock band, Rick and LaDonna Snow’s business manufactures and sells leotards, dancewear and related products to the gymnastics and dance markets via the internet and mail order.